Hello, and welcome!

Let me introduce myself.

TTI’m TT, a 55-year-old hairstylist and manicurist and former waitress and bartender. I’m also a mother of one (now grown) child, four dogs, and a cat! Every day I speak to a wide array of people, and from this I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn. With this knowledge, I’ve found that I can help many people with many things – I’ve actually become sort of the “go-to” person my friends and clients approach when they need recommendations or tips!

I love to cook, and I cook well. I love to travel, and I’ve been all over the world. I help my clients plan their own trips as well as their menus. There’s nothing funnier to me than a client saying, “My husband told me to ask TT!”

I’m also a jack of all trades and can tackle and fix almost anything – and if I can’t do it myself, I know the right professional for any job. My client Jeanne “Jellybean” Juvelier has been on me for over a year to create a book, and I finally thought, well, she’s right.

I want to bring my Tastes, Travels & Tips to you, and with today’s technology I decided to start this blog. (Thanks Jeanne!) I imagine all the people I can reach and help this way. Some friends have told me that I should have been a life coach, but I don’t want a different career. I just want to spread my word and help as many people with as much as I can.

So here I go!

Until next time,

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