The High Road

5802619870_40661fcb47_zimage via Beau Lebens/Flickr

In my experience, there are many high roads we can take, as well as many low roads in life. I have personally experienced different let-downs in my life, and been hurt or disappointed by people, whether they be friends, family, or even sometimes clients.

I have many clients and friends who have come to me to get advice or just vent on these such issues. This is my advice and feeling on this matter – be hurt, get mad, but in the end, smile. Try to let it go, and in some cases – especially where family is concerned, TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.

People have said to me on many occasions that I should stop being so nice, stop doing what you do, and I always say and am a firm believer that I like who I am, and I like the way I am with people. So I refuse to change me because others don’t think like me, and hurt and disappoint me. We come to realize in life that family doesn’t always mean blood.

Life changes and so do people, so sometimes we let go of or lose people that we thought would be in our lives forever, as sad as that is. And in their place we form new friendships that even become part of our family. As sad as we are for our losses is as grateful as we should be for our gains. Every day there are things to smile about, a passing thought that makes us laugh or brings a smile to our faces. So when people or things get you down, I want you to stop and think of all of the things that make you smile & let the bad go!

You can’t change people, but you can change the way you let them affect you.

From my deepest place in my soul, take that high road and make yourself smile!

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